This is why you should play DUB BOWL – Tenis Dubrovnik

This is why you should play DUB BOWL

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event 05.02.2023.

✔️ You play minimum of 4 matches (+ doubles)
✔️ You compete with the best world players
✔️You win wild cards, contracts with brands & vouchers for best tennis academies in the world
✔️ You meet many new friends
✔️ You might get recognized by sports agents

Get ready for a week of non-stop tennis action and fun activities! Join us for 7 days of great tennis, where you’ll experience the best of both worlds – intense competition and exciting leisure activities.So grab your racquet, pack your bags, and get ready for a week of unforgettable memories and experiences.

Withour further ado, here is why you should compete at Dubrovnik Dub Bowl!

1. You play minimum of 4 matches (+ doubles)

Dubrovnik Dub Bowl tournament is played in a round-robin system which means that each player is provided to play four single matches at least, plus doubles. Every participant that did not win the spot in the main tournament is able to show their skills at best in consolation tournament.

#dubbowlplayers looking their next opponent

2. You compete with the best world players

Many players started their international professional career on the courts of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl. Join us and experience the thrill of playing against the top talent from around the world. Compete with the best players and showcase your skills on a global stage. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding experience that will push your abilities to the limit.

MAX Lorinck – 2022 Dub Bowl Winner (Finals emotions)

3. You win amazing prizes

Our motto is #makedreamshappen , and we always make sure we secure our players with the best conditions for their further development. This includes wild cards for best tournaments, contracts with brands and trainings at the best tennis academies of the world. Read more about our award fund here

Award Ceremony | 2022 winners

4. You will play tennis in one of the most beautiful cities of the world

Don’t miss this opportunity to play tennis in a truly remarkable location. Did you know that only a handful of people can say they played tennis on the most beautiful street in the world – Stradun! This short list consists of Grand Slam winners – John McEnroe, Goran Ivanišević, Marin Čilić and #dubbowlplayers !! This memorable day we call KIDS’ DAY and it is one of our’s and players’ favourite activities.

5. You might get recognized by sports agents

Ready to take your tennis game to the next level? Join us and showcase your skills in front of a global audience. You never know who might be watching – sports agents and industry professionals could be in attendance, just waiting to discover the next big star. This is your chance to make a lasting impression and get noticed by the people who matter.

6. You will meet new friends

Our tennis event not only provides top-level competition, but also a chance to socialize and have fun. We have a variety of organized activities, such as movie nights and pool parties, to help you connect with other players from around the world. You’ll leave with not only new skills on the court, but also new friends for life. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience tennis, friendship, and fun all in one.

Here you can find results & schedule of the Dub Bowl 2024 tournament.
Please note: the results are organized per day.

U13 Order of Play for Sunday 14.07.2024.

U11 Order of Play for Sunday 14.07.2024.

U13 Order of Play for Saturday 13.07.2024.

U11 Order of Play for Saturday 13.07.2024.

TK Ragusa je izborila finale kvalifikacija za veći rang, Drugu hrvatsku ligu,

Gužva je na terenima u Gospinom polju. Igraju trideset i dvije najbolje djevojčice do 10 godina, te isto tako 32 najbolja dječaka u istom uzrastu.

Ukupno je odigrano 130 mečeva na terenima Tenis centra Dubrovnik. Prvi, kvalifikacijski, počeli su u 9 sati u subotu, 14. listopada, a zadnji meč, finale juniora, zaključeno je malo prije 17 sati u nedjelju, 22. listopada.

We look forward to sharing the final day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2022 with You.

KIDS DAY on Stradun & DRAW CEREMONY in Sponza

11 JULY Personal Sign in GALLERY