Group Program

Dubrovnik Tennis Academy offers comprehensive program of challenging trainings and competitions. The Academy schedule consists of technical, strategy , physical and mental program that will help you improve your game skills.

event 14.02.2022.


Our Academy focuses on technical skills, identifying opponents’ weaknesses and strength, your opportunities, developing match strategy.


To generate movement speed, continuance, and power – a tennis player needs to work on physical development to maximize their performance. Physical trainings are also a crucial part in preventing injuries. Our Academy ensures regular, and quality physical trainings are implemented in our tennis program to improve athletic and tennis performance.


While it is true that tennis is a physical game, it is also true that it is very hard to win a match without a strong mindset. Why do you play better in practices than matches? How to mentally prepare for a tennis match? How to increase your focus? How to increase your self – confidence? Other than tennis game fundamentals, our team of coaches also pays a lot of attention to mental game of tennis.